Alabama-Texas: Jordan Spieth says 52-0, yet to wager with Justin Thomas

Alabama-Texas: Jordan Spieth says 52-0, yet to wager with Justin Thomas
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Is Texas back?

Jordan Spieth thinks so, saying in a promotional video for FanDuel that he believes the Longhorns football team will beat No. 1 Alabama, 52-0, on Saturday. (Yes, we know that’s not really his prediction.)

But according to Justin Thomas, aka Spieth’s Good Buddy, Spieth, a UT alum, has yet to make a wager with Thomas, who attended Alabama, on this weekend’s much-anticipated showdown in Austin, which, per PointsBet Sportsbook, the Crimson Tide are currently 20-point favorites to win.

“We don’t [have a wager],” Thomas told co-hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. “I just really don’t see a scenario where he’s going to do any kind of bet straight up with me, and I feel like when you’re getting lines that big, it can get a little fishy there in the end, and I just don’t want to put that risk in the hands of pretty much anybody else. So, if he wants to do a straight-up bet with me, like shave our head or something, which could be the end of our life [with hair], that’s fine. But I don’t know, 20 is a lot of points. Maybe if I can sneak in a first-half bet with him, I’ll do that.”

Thomas, who Knost revealed was doing the interview from Spieth’s house, was then played the clip of Spieth’s bold prediction.

“He went to school a year and a half, what do you expect?” quipped Thomas, who somehow wasn’t reminded by either co-host that he only outlasted Spieth in college by one semester.

Thomas then was asked whether he’d rather Alabama lose to Texas or Georgia. His answer was somewhat surprising considering more PGA Tour players are Bulldogs and Georgia beat Alabama in the NCAA title game last January.

“I would rather lose every other game that we play than lose to Texas,” Thomas said. “Jordan just kind of keeps poking that thought in my head that it might happen, and I’m just so nervous for the game because I just don’t want to have to deal with that so badly.”

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