Being on board ‘very difficult … personally’ for Rory, Tiger says

Being on board ‘very difficult … personally’ for Rory, Tiger says
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Tiger Woods’ main driver in him joining the PGA Tour’s policy board this past summer?

He doesn’t want to see a repeat of June 6, when players were blindsided by the news that the Tour had, without member input, agreed to a framework deal with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

“We’re not going to have what transpired in a few months without our involvement again,” said Woods, who said Tuesday that he and the other player directors have been working “tireless hours” to ensure that the players get the best deal possible.

Those tireless hours were Rory McIlroy’s driver in him resigning for the board.

“It just got to the point where I couldn’t fit it all in,” McIlroy told reporters earlier this month in Dubai. “I’m thinking as we go into the next year, as I try to get ramped up for Augusta and all those tournaments, I just can’t see me putting the time the energy into it. If I feel like I’m not prepared going into those meetings then it is better off if someone else takes my place, who is able to put the time and energy into it.”

McIlroy has since been replaced by Jordan Spieth, who will serve out the remaining year of McIlroy’s term.

Woods was asked about McIlroy, and he was in full support on McIlroy’s decision.

“We put a lot of effort and time into the Delaware meeting and getting everyone aligned for that,” Woods said. “Going from there and the next couple years, just the involvement or the conflict within golf and then his participation at the highest level. He was in contention almost every tournament he played in, and he was the spokesman at the same time.

“So, that was very difficult on him personally, and I totally understand it.”

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