Bradley: Netflix filmed ‘devastating’ Ryder Cup call

Bradley: Netflix filmed ‘devastating’ Ryder Cup call
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Not only did Keegan Bradley not get picked for this year’s U.S. Ryder Cup team, but Bradley’s “devastating” call with captain Zach Johnson will soon be streamed for the world to see.

Appearing on Barstool Sports’ Foreplay podcast, Bradley shared that a Netflix crew was at his home the morning that Johnson phoned Bradley to inform him that he wouldn’t be among Johnson’s six captain’s picks, to be unveiled later that day.

Johnson, per Bradley, had also sent a text to Bradley the evening before to let him know that a call would be coming in the morning. The first call Bradley fielded the next day, however, was from a Netflix producer.

“I wake up and I’m very tired, and I get a call from Netflix, and they say, ‘Keegan, we’ve got a camera crew 5 minutes from your house,’” Bradley explained to the Foreplay guys. “Why would they be sending a camera crew if I’m not going to get picked? For the first time I let my brain think, I did it. Why would they be rushing a camera crew to my house? And as soon as I picked up the phone, it was like, ‘Hey, Keegan…’ (in a dejected voice) you know, like one of those? And I look over at Jill, a second into the call, and I go like, nah (motioning with hand).

“But [Johnson] was really nice. I hung up the phone – ya’ll are going to see this. This is real life, no one’s ever seen this call before. It was devastating.”


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