Designed to be fast-paced, TGL will include shot clock and timeouts

Designed to be fast-paced, TGL will include shot clock and timeouts
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When TGL begins its inaugural season in January, it won’t just be the oversized golf simulator and tech-filled arena that will separate the league from traditional golf competitions.

Monday, officials announced the plan to include a shot clock and timeouts.

TGL – a six-team league that was founded by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Mike McCarley – will incorporate a 40-second shot clock, timeouts and a referee into its matches. Violations of the shot clock will result in a one-stroke penalty.

“The competitive format and tech-heavy environment enables TGL, presented by SoFi, to incorporate elements that are familiar to sports fans from other sports in ways that would not translate on a traditional golf course but are commonplace in a sports arena environment,” TGL CEO McCarley said. “Instituting a shot clock and timeouts will help make matches entertaining, fast-paced, and exciting for sports fans.”

TGL will begin its season on Jan. 9 at a custom-built arena in south Florida that will feature a simulator which is about 20 times larger than a standard simulator and a “green zone” that will allow a variety of shots to an adjustable putting surface. The season will include 15 matches with the top 4 teams advancing to the playoffs.

Each team will have four timeouts, two per session, and the shot clock will be monitored by a referee and booth official.

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