Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav: U.S. Open (hopefully) takes the spotlight come Thursday

Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav: U.S. Open (hopefully) takes the spotlight come Thursday
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The PGA Tour-Saudi saga turned very serious Tuesday night, when the Tour announced that commissioner Jay Monahan was “recuperating from a medical situation” and that other high-ranking officials would be assuming day-to-day responsibilities.

Last week’s news of an alliance between the Tour and the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia continues to be the primary story this week, as the men’s third major of the season is set to begin.

In this edition of the Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav, the senior writers discuss from Los Angeles how, even though players have a lack of answers, the questions still persist. And when will those answers come?

Come Thursday, however, the 123rd U.S. Open will commence and Rex and Lav are hopeful that the focus will shift to the championship. They discuss the intriguing setup at Los Angeles Country Club and who are the favorites.

Listen to the podcast above for their predictions and check out the timecodes below:

  • (0:00) News of commissioner Monahan’s “medical situation”
  • (1:57) Tour-PIF questions persist at U.S. Open
  • (6:33) Tour finances at the heart of the alliance?
  • (12:58) Big question: How/if LIV players could come back to Tour
  • (18:29) Ready for the actual U.S. Open to take the spotlight?
  • (21:24) Will the USGA take LACC over the edge?
  • (25:32) Why is Rex so mean to Lav or, why is Lav so mean to Rex?
  • (27:15) Who are the favorites for the third major? It starts with Koepka
  • (39:34) Can Scheffler get his putting going at LACC?
  • (41:55) What about Rahm and McIlroy?
  • (49:22) Who wins the 123rd U.S. Open?
  • (50:00) Rex’s birthday grilling gifts

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