Grayson Murray has final dig at Kevin Na before tweeting he agrees with him

Grayson Murray has final dig at Kevin Na before tweeting he agrees with him
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Grayson Murray had a parting message for Kevin Na. 

As Na announced his resignation from the PGA Tour this week to play full-time on LIV Golf, Murray, who’s known for his past Twitter antics, took a final dig at Na that stems from a quarrel between the two earlier this year.

A little backstory: During January’s Sony Open in Hawaii, Na was walking in putts, one of his signature traits, and SiriusXM’s Chantel McCabe tweeted, “Kevin Na walking in putts does not get old.” Murray, who wasn’t playing that week, quoted the tweet, saying, “Kevin Na taking 3 minutes to putt them does get old.”

Na replied, “u missing the cut is getting old!” on Murray’s tweet. At that point, Murray hadn’t made a Tour start since July 2021 as he was recovering from alcohol abuse treatment and anxiety issues. 

It seemed the spat was over, but then in April at the Mexico Open, Murray said Na explicitly confronted him on Vidanta’s range and Murray shot back, saying, “I told him, if he goes and plays in the Saudi League, no one’s going to miss him on this Tour.”

However, just several hours after Murray’s parting shot at Na, Murray partially walked back his comments. 

Murray, the world No. 524, has made five Tour starts in 2022, with his best finish a T-13 in Mexico, his latest start.  On his first tweet to Na, many people in the comments section were telling Murray that if he was offered a chance to cash in with LIV Golf, he would — likely promoting the follow-up Tweet.

Murray has made $165,468 this year in Tour earnings. And, according to one of Murray’s replies, he hopes to increase that total. 

But with Murray open to cashing in with Na on LIV Golf in the future, maybe this feud will one day continue on the PGA Tour’s rival circuit. 

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