‘Honesty it is’: Lydia Ko leaves interviewer speechless with response

‘Honesty it is’: Lydia Ko leaves interviewer speechless with response
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Lydia Ko might’ve finished two strokes shy of winner Marina Alex on Sunday at the Palos Verdes Championship, but she still received plenty of applause from those who witnessed her post-round interview.

During the final round, Ko was shown getting her back worked on by her physiotherapist, so Golf Channel’s Jerry Foltz, naturally, asked her about it.

Ko’s response left Foltz speechless.

“I hope not,” Ko said when asked if her back was a concern. “It’s that time of the month. I know the ladies watching are probably like, yeah, I got you. So, when that happens, my back gets really tight, and I’m all twisted. It’s not the first time that Chris has seen me twisted, but it felt a lot better after he came. So, yeah, there you go.”

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Foltz, to no one’s surprise, had no follow-up question and instead simply responded, “Thanks.”

Ko, now laughing, then added: “I know you’re at a loss for words Jerry. Honesty it is.”

The response on social media was just as good. The best tweet may have come from the thumbs of Golf Channel’s Grant Boone, who said, “If only @JerryFoltzGC could’ve thrown it to 12. Jerry may need to be stretched out by the physio after doubling over with laughter.”

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