Jon Rahm to anchor Sage Steele: ‘You are tough as nails … I hit that one hard’

Jon Rahm to anchor Sage Steele: ‘You are tough as nails … I hit that one hard’
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Jon Rahm appeared on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” on Tuesday, a segment that ended with Rahm virtually meeting Sage Steele, the anchor whom Rahm hit with an errant drive last May at the PGA Championship.

Steele was standing left of the third fairway during the opening round at Southern Hills when Rahm hooked a tee ball that hit Steele in the face, leaving her bloodied and knocking several teeth out. She was hospitalized and didn’t work the rest of the tournament. Rahm said Tuesday that he wasn’t aware he injured Steele until later as the ball ricocheted back into the fairway.

“I didn’t hear anything, not one complaint, nothing,” Rahm said. “And when they told me what happened, I could not believe it. So, I’m sorry.”

Steele kept the chat light, telling Rahm that her co-host, Matt Barrie, wishes he had the “honor” of being “drilled in the mouth by an errant tee shot at the PGA Championship by one of the greatest players in the world.”

“As I was hiding behind the tree, no teeth left in my mouth, I look up and I saw you,” Steele said. “And I’m like, the least he can do – because you didn’t know it hit me – the least you can do is birdie this hole, for me, and you failed me. I think you only parred.”

Rahm answered: “Let me say, you are tough as nails. Jesus Christ! I hit that one hard, too; that was coming in with some speed. No, I don’t think I birdied it. I think had a chance to birdie it; Yeah, I definitely failed you. I did not take advantage of the whole week. I’m sorry, I really failed you in that sense.

“But I can’t believe how good you look after that, my God.

Steele, smiling with ear to ear, agreed.

“I will say this,” she added, “I have eight beautiful new teeth; I got a great grill out of it, Jon, so I think this is a win.”

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