Kraken down! Watch as Bryson DeChambeau snaps driver in two

Kraken down! Watch as Bryson DeChambeau snaps driver in two
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“I guess it’s all those swings I put in.”

Bryson DeChambeau said it himself Thursday afternoon at the PGA Championship after his driver, his beloved Kraken, snapped into two pieces.

DeChambeau had just hit his drive on TPC Harding Park’s seventh hole when he reached down to pick up his tee. As he did so, he used his driver as support. It didn’t hold, breaking where the shaft meets the clubhead.

Apparently, those 140-plus mph swings and 40 extra pounds added in the past 10 months finally proved too much for poor ol’ Kraken.

DeChambeau didn’t fret, though. He laughed it off, almost birdied the hole and thanks to Rule 4.1a, which states “if your conforming club is damaged during your round or while play is stopped, you may continue to make strokes with the damaged club for the rest of the round, or have your club repaired by restoring it as nearly as possible to its condition before the damage happened,” he was able to replace it.

Luckily, DeChambeau travels with a couple of replacement drivers and a few extra shafts. Before hitting his drive on the ninth hole, he screwed in the new shaft to the original head. Oh, and he birdied the hole to turn in 3-under 32.

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