Rex & Lav: Dunlap’s star turn: How, why … and now what?

Rex & Lav: Dunlap’s star turn: How, why … and now what?
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History was made Sunday at The American Express, with 20-year-old Nick Dunlap becoming the first amateur since Phil Mickelson in 1991 to win on the PGA Tour.

It’s a hugely significant story, with a lot of moving parts, that kicks off this edition of the Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav.

1:30: THE MICRO: Before moving on to what it all means, how about an appreciation for what Dunlap actually accomplished at PGA West.

9:30: BIG DECISION AWAITS: Now that Dunlap has pulled out of the Farmers, people around the game are waiting to see what he’ll decide to do, and when.

21:00: THE MACRO: We (kinda) saw this coming – the Tour was ripe for a win by an amateur star.

28:00: MASTERS, HERE WE COME?: After a Sunday surprise last week in Dubai, Rory McIlroy gets right (again).

34:00: HALL CALL: With her season-opening win, Ko is all of a sudden on the doorstep of LPGA immortality

38:00: UH-OH: Lav got his bloodwork back. Are his days manning the grill numbered?

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