Tiger Woods thinks he came up with Stewart Cink’s nickname; he did not

Tiger Woods thinks he came up with Stewart Cink’s nickname; he did not
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After Tiger Woods’ final round at the Masters, he revealed an amusing nickname for Stewart Cink when referring to Cink’s ace Friday at Augusta National

“(2019) was the last time for me that I experienced having the patrons (at the Masters) like this, and it’s exciting,” Woods said. “It’s inspiring. It’s fun to hear the roars, to hear the hole-in-ones. I think Kitchen made one the other day. To hear that roar down there at the bottom on [hole] 16, just to hear that excitement of what this tournament brings out.”

But it turns out that Woods was not the one who came up with “Kitchen” for Cink, even though the 15-time major champion may think he did. 

“Well, it’s been something that people called me ever since I was little. Ever since I can remember,” Cink said Tuesday at Harbour Town, where he’s set to make his RBC Heritage title defense.

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“Tiger thinks he started that, but he did not start that. I’ve been referred to as Kitchen ever since I was a little kid playing golf back in Florence, Alabama, growing up. There was a guy named Tim Kitchens who I played in a couple partner events with up there, everybody just thought that was the funniest thing that Kitchens and Cink were playing together. And I was 13, 14 years old when that happened, people been calling me that for years.

“Tiger’s always called me that, it’s just kind of a funny nickname, Tiger’s got nicknames for everybody just like we have for him and everybody else too. It’s is part of the locker-room banter.”

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