Xander: Father’s Ryder Cup comments ‘skewed’ by headlines

Xander: Father’s Ryder Cup comments ‘skewed’ by headlines
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“I apologize for anything my father said.”

That was Xander Schauffele speaking during the U.S. Ryder Cup team’s press conference on Sunday evening in Rome. Schauffele had been informed that his father, Stefan, had made some comments regarding play-for-pay to a German radio station.

As it turned out, the elder Schauffele talked to several more reporters about a variety of issues and grievances, including his son nearly being kicked off the U.S. team for not signing a player participation and benefits agreement, as well as his belief that the PGA of America should “open its books” for transparency and players should share the profits of the event.

“If the PGA of America is a for-profit organization, they need to have the players share in that profit instead of being so damned intransparent about it with intent,” Stefan Schauffele told No Laying Up. “They should reveal the numbers, and then we should go to the table and talk. Alternatively, they can donate all proceeds after opening the books to a charity of our joint choice, and then we will happily play for free.

“Please print that.”

Xander Schauffele, who returns to competition at this week’s Zozo Championship in Japan, was asked about his father’s comments for the first time since he’s been able to read them.

“If you look at what he said, I wasn’t super fired up that he was speaking to media just because I know how things get twisted,” Xander Schauffele said. “I had to look back at what he said specifically, and he specifically said that if the tournament’s for-profit, then players should get paid. He also said that if it’s charitable – it should be a charitable event most likely and that everything should get donated.

“I don’t know, when I look back on what he said, I think the headlines sort of skewed obviously what he was trying to say, but I don’t think he ever really spoke directly to what you’re referring to in terms of playing getting paid. He just said it should be either or, not really as confusing as it is.”

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